Tips for Senior Care Placement for Couples

There are numerous guides available today that are designed to help you through selecting and getting your parents under senior care placement services. Unfortunately, most of these guides only focus on what it is like to have your parents in assisted living. However, what happens when you have to find a place for both of your now elderly parents? As age continues to catch up with them, it becomes more evident that you have to find the best-assisted living services to take care of them. According to a study by the U.S Census Bureau, the number of persons aged 60 and married has sky rocketed over the last one decade. At the same time, the cases of widowhood have drastically reduced.

Large populations of these couples are finding it critically important to find senior care placement and do so without being separated from each other. Generally, this brings with it a number of challenges beyond finding senior care placement for a single parent. Several factors have to be put into considerations. For instance, what is both elderly parents need different health care services? How do you make sure that their emotional and social requirements are met? Fortunately, researchers are now engaging with the marriage in assisted living and already several helpful topics have been unearthed that can help make the process of finding senior care placement seamless.

  1. Research Facilities

Health transitions ranks top as one of the main reason why most people begin the search for the assisted living services. This is according to a recent study by Candace Kemp, a professor at Georgia State University. The secret to finding the best senior care placement is by begin your research before you are surprised by health changes. Being proactive always saves you time and provides you with most needed peace of mind peace of mind since it gives you the time to find some of the best facilities around you giving you the most needed time. On the other hand, you are unprepared, you will have to struggle with limited facility options.

  1. Have a Financial Plan

This is more important especially for the seniors without a family to contribute to the care needed. The idea of putting both the couple members through senior care placement can be daunting when cost is factored in. some of the senior care placement facilities are quite expensive. For instance, the facilities for persons dealing with different health conditions or the ones in need of memory care, and in numerous instances, assisted living facilities do not work hand in hand with Medicaid. Adequate and informed planning is key to stretching your financial resources.

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